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Welcome to Atlanta Speed Scenes!

Looking to spruce up your actor tools for Pilot season? Now, through the end of December we’re offering a $50 discount on Speed Scenes when you choose to schedule your scene for any date/time beginning in January. Book now, pay less, shoot later! To book, look for the WINTER SALE option when booking! You must choose a date in January 2021 or beyond to receive this discount.

About Us

Atlanta Speed Scenes was founded in 2013 when we as actors ourselves, decided we were sick of never being able to get footage back from indie and student films that we worked on in an attempt to build our reels to book more high profile projects. It became a catch 22! You can’t get more auditions without footage, but you can’t get footage because the things you are booking don’t follow through and give the footage they promise. Well, we decided to change that. Now, actors can have high quality footage, that is specific to them and the goals they have, in a very short period of time!

What is a “Speed Scene?”

Speed Scenes are our specific brand of custom written demo reel scenes for actors. They are usually between 1-2 minutes long, and are custom written by us to showcase the actor in the best way possible so that casting directors can get a sense of who the actor is, what they look like on camera in a real film scenario, and immediately get an idea of their acting ability. Our scenes are simple dialog driven scenes shot in mostly closeups and medium closeups so that actors can see your eyes, facial expressions. We base the way we shoot our scenes on feedback from casting directors in our region and what they want to see when watching an actor’s demo reel. A SPEED SCENE is NOT  a replacement for high quality studio TV/film footage, but it can be a stepping stone to bridge the gap until you get there!

How does it work?

Booking a Speed Scene is very easy! All you need to do is contact us via our email address: atlantaspeedscenes@gmail.com or via our contact form above! Simply send us an email letting us know you are interested in booking a scene, which package you are interested in, and any dates you may have in mind. We will reach out to you via email to iron out the details, decide on a script, and get you on set to shoot! We don’t do any in person consultations, everything is handled via email! Doing this is how we can provide such a fast turn around and a low price.


You and a partner will shoot a 1-2 minute long scene from a custom written script written by us. Many actors choose this option and split the cost in half so that both actors get quality footage.

With this discounted package rate, you get two scenes instead of just one. A great value for someone who knows they want to have clips of contrasting characters.

Don’t have any footage and need nearly an entire reel’s worth of material? Three scenes shot in a single day will provide you with plenty of awesome quality footage.

Featured Scenes

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