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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to many questions we receive on a daily basis regarding our services. If a question is not answered here please feel free to contact us via our contact page and we will reply as soon as we can.

Q: What is the difference in a DEMO REEL and a SPEED SCENE?
A: A demo reel is a 1-2 minute video made up of clips that YOU provide to us from projects you’ve completed in the past. Short films, features, etc. A speed scene is a “scene” that we’ve written and shot for you that is made to look like a legitimate film or tv project. We coined the term “SPEED SCENE” back in 2013. If you see another company using the term, they got it from us, because we’re that cool and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Unless you see the words “Blackflight Studios” next to it, it’s not a “Speed Scene.”

Q: Other services offer IMDB credit as a perk for using them. Why does Atlanta Speed Scenes not offer IMDB credit?
A: IMDB is meant to be a searchable database for film and television productions. It used to be strictly limited to productions to be able to add anything. Today it is littered with credits being added by people who were literally just extras. Some of the projects listed on IMDB these days were never even shot. We strive to bring IMDB back to a place where you can find accurate and up to date information. Simply put, IMDB credit isn’t anything special anymore and isn’t a perk. Literally ANYONE can list ANYTHING on IMDB. Therefore there is 0 reason for us to offer this. We want you to have good footage and we want casting directors to book you in projects that will get you legitimate credits.

Q: How do you make it look like a movie?
A: Magic. Seriously, we wave wands around that we got from Harry Potter world. You don’t ask the Colonel to give you his secret recipe do you?

Q: Can I add my Speed Scene to IMDB? I need credits!
A: While yes, you can technically add these to IMDB because (see above). We typically frown on doing so. Why? Well because we like to think of IMDB as a database of completed TV and film projects, and while technically you did finish a project. It’s not really the sort of thing we think should be on IMDB. If you MUST add it to IMDB to pad your credits (see how bad that sounds?) please list it as “Atlanta Speed Scenes” and please do not link to our production company or our cinematographer. He likes to keep his IMDB limited to just feature films and major TV shows that he’s worked on. Thanks for understanding!

Q: If one scene is $250 and I bring a friend, we each pay $125. Can we do a 3-person scene and each pay $83.33?
A: NO. We limit our scenes to two participants to be able to focus on each actor.

Q: I don’t have a scene partner, do I need one?
A: Take a look at our examples HERE. Are you in acting class? Do you have an agent? Both of these are great resources for finding scene partners. Usually other actors are happy to jump in scenes with you if you ask nicely. If you play your cards right you can probably get them to split the cost with you too and you both get footage! WINNING! We can hire an actor for you if you absolutely have no other options, but actors like to get paid for their work so that will cost you an extra $100 and we cannot guarantee the skill level of the actor we provide so it’s always best to bring your own when possible. As a last resort, we’re also actors and we’ll jump in the scenes when it is appropriate for us to do so at no extra cost to you because we’re cool like that.

Q: I want to play a fighter pilot in a jet plane fighting in the war, or no.. I want to play a Dr. performing open heart surgery! Can you do that? I want lots of movement and action, like me fiddling with a pen or trying to put on a coat.
A: You only get 10-15 seconds to impress the casting director. Do you think how well you can fiddle with a pen will impress a casting director?. We limit the movement in our scenes for several reasons. 1. We have our process down to a science and the reason we can do this for as cheap as we do is because we know how long it will take to get you great footage at a reasonable price. 2. We focus on your acting. Your facial expressions. Your eyes and your emotions. Leave the fluff for the movies and television shows that you will book after you’ve shot with us. We’ve got people booking major productions such as: House of Cards, as well as National commercials! If you want to be a fighter pilot. Provide the fighter pilot costume, a cockpit set, and we’ll work some magic. The idea here is that you are giving the essence of the character and focusing on your ACTING!

Q: Can I bring a makeup artist? Can you provide one for me?
A: No. Part of the reason we can keep our prices so low, and our turn around time so quick is because we ask that you come hair/makeup ready. We understand that you want to feel like a celebrity, but we have our process down to a science and we’ve come to learn that makeup can take a long time depending on who the artist is. If you really feel you need the Hollywood treatment, please have them come to you first and allow time for them to do your makeup before you arrive on set so that you can arrive hair and makeup ready.

Q: Other services offer Snacks or Craft Services. Do you offer this to your clients?
A: It is true that some services offer snacks and crackers and what have you. While we could do this, you are usually not here long enough to warrant it, as most people are in and out in two hours or so. If you get thirsty while you are here we are happy to provide you with a glass of water. Feel free to bring snacks with you however! We are here to provide you with amazing footage, and awesome clips for your demo reel at prices you can afford. If you are hungry, we recommend stopping at The Vortex on your way home!

Q: Do you shoot the speed scenes on location?
A: Define “On Location”. If you mean somewhere that isn’t your own house.. then yes, we most certainly shoot on location. We shoot 90% of the scenes at our home office (yes, we live there too) in Lawrenceville, Georgia. We have set aside space for different sets for this purpose. Occasionally we travel to other locations when a client requests it, but it comes at an additional cost pending how far away the location is from our office. We have many sets available to use here, and typically we can work much faster utilizing our own sets and locations. If you want something specific however, by all means contact us!.

Q: Do you work with kids?
A: Heck yeah we do! We love kids! Some of our best little actors are kids and we love to watch them grow!. However, parents.. yeah we’re looking at you. Don’t be a stage parent. Let your kids do their thing and enjoy the process with them. Let us do our job and help them look their best on camera. We promise, we’ll take good care of them. We know you only want what’s best for them, but sometimes that doesn’t correlate to what’s best on camera. We’ve shot 200+ scenes at this point, we know what we’re doing. Let us work our magic! Please only one escort per child.
The entire family doesn’t need to come watch Little Junior do his thing. We simply don’t have space for everyone.

(and showing up with an entourage would never fly on set anywhere).

Q: I shot a Speed Scene with you and I neglected to download my scene can you send it to me again?
A: Ya know, you’d think that for something so important to one’s career that you’d take the 2 minutes it takes to download it to your computer. How else are you going to upload it to Actor’s Access? Sure, we’ll send it to you again because we’re nice people and we don’t delete things immediately. However, please for the love of Pete download your scenes when we send them to you as we do clear our temporary drives regularly. You should NOT be sharing the links we give you on social media, they are not for public consumption. If you want to share it on Facebook, download it and upload it directly to Facebook or Youtube. Thanks!

Q: I want to book one of your services but I hate paying online. Can I pay in person?
A: We offer the ability to pay online so that we can keep track of all our transactions quickly and easily. We also require that you pay up front so that we can ensure that your date stays locked in and because we’ve had too many people decide to book with us and then back out after we’ve done a ton of work writing scenes for them. We write every scene custom for our actors so no two actors ever do the same scene. That takes a lot of our time to do so we require payment up front. If you absolutely abhor paying for things online.. email us and we’ll see what we can work out. The answer will probably be no, but it’s worth a shot right?

Q: Why are you so mean?
A: We’re not mean, we just eat at The Vortex a lot which means we don’t sugar coat things for you. Did we mention how awesome that place is? You should eat there, like now.