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The Process

If you’ve read over everything on our website, checked out several examples and have a good understanding for what it is that we do, and are ready to book here’s a run down of how the process works.

STEP 1: Watch our examples AND Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

STEP 2: Read about the different types of scenes and packages that we offer. Once you’ve decided you’d like to shoot, email us at: We will respond back to help you find the type of scene/package that’s right for you.

STEP 3: You will be sent an invoice that must be paid before the writing process begins. All scenes must be paid in full at the time the date/time is set.

STEP 4: Wait to receive a script where you can either approve it, or suggest changes.

STEP 5: Confirm the script!

STEP 6: Arrive on set with wardrobe options, hair and makeup ready, prepared with the script OFF BOOK.

STEP 7: We will help you choose wardrobe, set up lighting on set (which will allow you time to rehearse if you so desire.) We will shoot the scene, starting with coverage on one of you for several takes (usually 1-3 takes) we’ll give direction and feedback to help you make it that much better. We will then turn around and get coverage of the other actor. That’s it! You acting choices are yours to make.

STEP 8: We begin the post production process. In most cases, within 48 hours or less you will have your finished scene back for uploading to casting sites such as Actor’s Access via a wetransfer link you MUST DOWNLOAD. We do not keep these scenes forever, so find a safe place for it once you download it. We cannot guarantee we will still have it 6 months down the road if you lose it.

And that’s it! It’s a very easy process! Packages, options and pricing are below!

Scene Options and Pricing


This is our most popular option, and what we’re known for. This is a 2-person over-the-shoulder dialog style scene like you’d see in major movies and television shows. Two actors will either be sitting or standing for the scene. The scene will have minimal movement, and minimal/no props. The scene focuses on closeups and medium closeups and hones in on facial expressions, and acting ability. The majority of scenes in our examples section are of this type. It is what we most recommend for MOST actors looking for demo reel footage. We like to call it the “meat and potatoes” of custom written demo scenes. We’ve done many hours of research on what casting directors are looking for and this is a culmination of that. These scenes usually take an hour or so to shoot, and usually end up around 1-2 minutes long.


This is for actors who want a little more out of their scenes. While we cannot stress enough that casting directors are typically very busy people and most do not have time to sit through long scenes with lots of action and things that aren’t you “acting.” We do realize that some actors do this simply to practice their craft and with this option, we will get a little more advance with blocking, coverage, angles and props. This is not for beginners!


Can’t find a scene partner? Or simply want the entire scene to focus only on you? We’ve got you covered. With this option, we take the formula we use with our basic speed scene, but the camera never cuts away from you. This is best for those wanting to get some footage very quickly.

Want to book multiple scenes? No problem. We offer discounts for bulk scenes!  We can also edit them into a demo reel at an additional cost. Email us for info!