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Who are we?

Atlanta Speed Scenes was founded by Joseph Lavender in 2013. He coined the term, “Speed Scene” and started creating short, custom written demo scenes for actors after realizing a need for a service that allowed actors to get footage for their reels without needing to spend countless hours of their time working on fly by night indie films that never provide promised reel footage. He he has teamed up with other actors and crew in the region to create high quality demo reel footage for actors in Atlanta.

Joseph began his career in the film industry in 2008 when we was an extra in his first feature film. After that he was hooked and made the transition by moving to Atlanta. In 2010 he wrote and starred in his first feature film called “EXIT 101.” In 2012 he wrote and directed his 2nd feature, “The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie.” He is represented by East Coast Talent, and has booked several roles in major projects as well.

As an an actor and filmmaker in this market for nearly 10 years, Joseph has many years of knowledge to share with you, and make your scenes look and sound like they were ripped from a major film or TV project!

Many of Joseph’s projects have gone on to win awards, and all of his feature films have world wide distribution.

Joseph Lavender
Joseph LavenderOwner/Creator
Joseph Lavender is the creator of “Speed Scenes.” He is an independent filmmaker and actor having written, produced and directed two feature films and numerous award winning shorts. He’s also an actor with several network television and major film credits under his belt. He’s represented by East Coast Talent Agency.