Blackflight Studios is currently casting for the following Project(s)








START DATE: Early to Mid 2018

TO SUBMIT: Send your Headshot/Resume and Acting Demo reel (If you have one) to SUBJECT LINE: CHARACTER NAME. If you are selected to audition you will receive a request to submit a taped audition. This project is not slated to begin production until early 2018. Casting will be ongoing.  Roles and character names are subject to change. PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT FOR ONE ROLE! CHOOSE THE ONE THAT YOU FEEL FITS YOU BEST. 



Super Shotokai (SUPPORTING) 20s – 30s – African American  Anime and manga nut. His wrestling persona, “Super Shotokai” is heavily influenced by Japanese culture and Dragon Ball Z. *Professional wrestling experience a plus.

Random Dude – Early to late 20s – Any ethnicity  Deidra’s new boyfriend or something.

Dangerous Danny Boone Mid to late 30s – Any ethnicity  He likes wearing coon skin caps and wrestling. *Professional wrestling experience a plus.

NINJA #1 (1 SCENE 1 LINE) Any sex – Any ethnicity  A Ninja.

NINJA #2 (1 SCENE 1 LINE) – Any sex – Any ethnicity  Also a Ninja.

NINJA #3 (1 SCENE 1 LINE) – Any sex – Any ethnicity  THREE NINJA!

The Italian Sausage Johnny Morano (1 SCENE) – Mid 20s to early 30s –  Any ethnicity  Cocky wrestler. He’s Italian, or maybe he’s not? *Professional wrestling experience a plus.

The Dumpster Diver (1 SCENE) Mid 20s to early 30s – Any ethnicity  Hardcore wrestler.*Professional wrestling experience a plus.

Jack’s Kids, Peter Paul and Mary Lou (1 SCENE 0 LINES) – 5-10   Jack’s kids They are extremely obnoxious. *They may have some improv dialog.

Young Maggie Dixon (Photo Only) 10-13 – Any ethnicity  Young Maggie Dixon.

Young Mark Valentine (1 SCENE) 8-10 – Caucasian  Young version of Mark. *This is a non speaking role.

Teen Mark Valentine (1 SCENE 2 LINES) 12-14 – Caucasian  Teen version of Mark.




We’re looking for interesting people to play wrestlers (or people pretending to be lol) These will all be small, but memorable bit parts in the film. There are no character breakdowns for these roles. We’re looking for actors with lots of charisma and energy. To audition simply video tape yourself cutting a professional wrestling promo to the camera, as if you were a professional wrestler (Think WWE, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair.) You can say whatever you want. A background in improvisation is GREAT! Go nuts, have fun with it! Here is some backstory in order to create your promo:

STORY: You are a wrestler in the MPWA, “Mosh Pit Wrestling Association.” You have an upcoming match with, “Toad Frog” Jimmy Wayne and you’re cutting a promo, trash talking them for your upcoming match.

Your promo should be anywhere from :30 up to 2 minutes long. Frame your video from waist up. You are free to wear costumes, or literally whatever you want to do. We want to see interesting characters. If you have some sort of wrestling persona you’ve been hiding in your closet, this is your chance to bring it out. If we see some really interesting options we may bump them to bigger roles. As of now, most of these will only work one day but will be super fun. The funnier and more ridiculous, the better! There is no age, sex or ethnicity requirements for this. We are looking for men, women, and even kids can submit! No wrestling ability or experience needed.

Email your video to: SUBJECT: WRESTLING PROMO. Include in the body of the email your name and contact information. If you are an actor, please also include your headshot/resume. No acting experience is required to submit for these roles.  Please use a file transfer service such as: wetransfer, dropbox or google drive to submit your video to us. DO NOT SEND US PUBLIC YOUTUBE LINKS. In fact, DO NOT PUT THEM ON YOUTUBE AT ALL. If we see any of these auditions on Youtube, you will be automatically disqualified from appearing in the film. If you have any questions, please direct them to the email listed above!

Here’s some examples of what we’re looking for:



We will be in need of background artists for this project. We will be casting for background as we begin production. You can view a list of the types of characters we will need below. If you fit any of these criteria please check back for updates on when we’ll be casting for background.


Video Store Customers


Office Employees

Wrestling Show Attendees (recurring)

Residents (FEATURED)

Jello/Mud Wrestlers (FEATURED)

Strippers/Exotic Dancers (FEATURED)

Restaurant Patrons

Bikini Girls (SOME FEATURED)

Party Goers