Create A Film


(we’ll do all the work, and you’ll get to take all the credit.)

Are you an aspiring director or filmmaker looking for create your first short film? Do you need someone to help you make your vision a reality? Are you an actor who is sick of working on NO budget indie projects that produce terrible footage, or maybe no footage at all? Are you ready to take control of your career by taking control of your own destiny? Blackflight Studios is here to help. Due to the increased demand of industry in our area, we’ve received an influx of emails and comments asking how we can help make their vision a reality.

We are offering a unique service here at Blackflight for film makers who want to produce a short film, but aren’t quite sure where to start or may not have all the resources available. For a “set” price, we will do all the legwork to get your short film written, shot, edited, and delivered to you in as little as a 6 week turn around time. You can choose your cast, and even split the costs up amongst yourselves. It’s up to you. We provide the pre-production work, the locations, etc. and all you have to do is sit back and take the credit. Sounds good right?

We have top quality HD video equipment, lighting, and sound gear and experienced crew to get the job done. From script to screen, we can make it happen for you. Don’t wait around for footage from indie productions that look and sound terrible. Take charge and make it happen!

This all sounds good right? I know what you’re thinking.. HOW MUCH? Well, quality doesn’t come cheap.. but knowing is half the battle.

SHORT FILM PACKAGE – Contact us for pricing!

Blackflight Studios can make your dreams a reality! Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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