Speed Scenes


Are you an actor struggling to get footage for your reel? Have you worked on tons of low to no budget indie films and are STILL waiting to get footage from them? Are you worried that the footage will even be worth using? For many actors this is reality. It is common place for actors to work on indie films and spend hours on set working their butts off only to not get paid, and to not get the only other thing worth having from the experience.. footage. Even when they get the footage, often times its underlit, horribly shot, or sounds awful. It’s a crap shoot. We’re here to take the guesswork out of getting quality footage for your reel that matches the types of roles you want to book, and in a very short turn around time….

WHAT IS A SPEED SCENE?    A “Speed Scene” is a 1-2 minute scene, written, shot and edited by us that showcases your best acting ability and the type of characters you would like to play. We set up the scenes just like a real feature film or television show. They look like they were pulled directly from a legitimate production with great picture and sound. The scenes are usually “Over the shoulder dialog” style scenes that focus on your acting, and the dialog in the scene. We don’t typically do action or scenes with tons of movement as the point is to see you “act”. We can provide more elaborate scenes on request, but they will be at an additional cost due to time and setup.

HOW DOES IT WORK? When you contact us to book a “Speed Scene”, we will work with you (and your scene partner) to develop a custom script that will make you stand out to casting directors and showcase your full potential as an actor. We can do most any genre. We will write a scene specifically tailored for you. When you arrive on our website to make an appointment, the date you choose serves as your shoot date so please keep that in mind when booking. Give yourself (and us) time to prepare for your scene. We can usually have script options back to you within 1-2 days from receiving your booking confirmation. Once you’ve decided on a script, you’ll receive an email detailing wardrobe options to bring and where to arrive for your shoot. We ask that all actors come hair/makeup ready as we do not provide that. Once you’re here we’ll choose wardrobe, set lighting and shoot your scene! You’ll be out in an hour or two and you’ll have the finished scene back in 48 hours or less in most cases.

WHERE DOES IT HAPPEN? Typically all of the scenes are shot here in our space. We will shoot “on location” for an additional travel fee of $100.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Usually, the entire process takes a few days. A day for shooting and a day or two for editing. We’ve been known to have it back to you in 24 hours in some cases. (I bet you’ve never gotten footage back from a project that fast before right?)

OK, I’M SOLD, WHERE DO I SIGN UP? To book a “Speed Scene” click HERE. You’ll be directed to a page where you can book a date and time for your speed scene using our online booking system. You’ll be able to see what times and dates we have available and book a day as well as pay for your speed scene using Paypal or Credit card via Paypal in one easy and convenient location. We’ll be notified of your booking and you’ll receive a confirmation email requesting additional information regarding your specific needs. You will receive a follow up email from us with the sides for your speed scene(s) unless you’ve opted to bring your own script.


*ONE SCENE – $250

*TWO SCENES – $450


*ULTIMATE REEL PACKAGE – $1000 (Includes 5 “Speed Scenes” and Demo reel edit. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN SCENE PARTNERS!)

*All Scenes must be scheduled on the same day. Scenes are blocked off in 2 hour increments.


When trying to decide what type of character to play try to think of character types that you’d like to play, or would like to get more auditions for. Below you will find many examples of different scenes that we can craft for you. Whether you want to play a detective or someone hiding from zombies in the apocalypse we can showcase your acting! We keep our scenes simple so that casting directors can see your acting ability and facial expressions.